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26 Activities in Kamloops, British Columbia

Kamloops is a major highway intersection serving the interior of British Columbia. Highway 1, 5 and 97 intersect in the city, providing different options to travel north or south from Kamloops.

26 Activities in Kamloops, British Columbia

A great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to drive anywhere is by taking a walk along the river trail.

Riverside Park

It is the perfect spot for wine tasting, offering you a beautiful wine shop with farm products, natural honey, a selection of gift items, books and, of course, bottles of wine.

Monte Creek Winery

Sun Peaks Resort is Canada’s second-largest ski area and with three mountains surrounding this European-style village, your options to spend your time here are endless.

Sun Peaks Resort

It is a truly gorgeous and serene lake that is perfect for stand up paddling boarding or kayaking.

Spend the Day at Paul Lake Provincial Park

Kenna Cartwright Park is one of the most popular in Kamloops with its location near town and extensive trail network ranging from easy to strenuous trails.

Kenna Cartwright Park

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