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29 Top Things To Do in Colorado Springs

There are so many things to do in Colorado Springs that you’ll need at least an entire long weekend to enjoy the most of the area. Set in the beautiful Rockies, Colorado Springs is the perfect destination for outdoor activities. But you don’t have to be a hiker or a skier to enjoy this city.

Here’s the list of my top picks:

1. Pamper Yourself at the Iconic Broadmoor Resort

The Broadmoor is an iconic five-star resort that is a destination in itself. It’s not just your ordinary place to stay for the night, and it is the perfect base to explore Colorado Springs from.

You’ll have a chance to see Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canyon from a bird’s eye perspective. Inspired by the Indiana Jones movies, suspension bridges give an extra boost of excitement and suspense.

2. Get Your Adrenaline Rush Ziplining With Soaring Adventures

Experience the 4,000-year-old sport of falconry with Broadmoor Outfitters. Known as the favorite hunting sport of kings, this is your unique opportunity to interact closely with owls, falcons, and hawks.

3. Learn the Art of Falconry With Broadmoor Outfitters

The Garden of the Gods is a striking natural wonder and one of the best things to do in Colorado Springs.

4. Take a Jeep Ride to the Garden of the Gods

The Broadmoor and Colorado Springs Sports Corporation have joined forces to revive the historic polo tradition in Colorado.

5. Attend the Winter Polo Classic Tournament (Only in February)

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