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3 Offensive and Embarrassing Things People Did While Traveling

Different countries instill various practices and unspoken rules. For example, in the U.S., tipping at restaurants is almost required and makes up a large portion of servers’ paychecks.

However, if you tip in Japan, the behavior is considered rude. Here are some offensive or embarrassing activities travelers in foreign locations confessed to.

Offensive and Embarrassing Things People Did While Traveling

“I visited Angkor Wat, and there are a lot of Buddha statues that have had their heads removed from different times that the country was occupied. So I very stupidly posed with my head in place of a missing Buddha head..."

1. Buddha’s Head

"...I almost didn’t post this because I still cringe thinking about it, but I didn’t know better. This happened almost a decade ago,” a traveler shares.

While in Nicaragua, one jet setter says they stopped for a few drinks at a bar and kept asking locals how the political climate was with all the protests. 

2. Asking About Protests

They kept telling the traveler they were not allowed to give any information. The next day on a walking tour, the tour guide shared that undercover cops camp in establishments and reprimand those who share too much information.

A few individuals reflect on arriving in a different country and pronouncing the words wrong for the first few days of their visit.

3. Right Word, Wrong Language

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