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4 Most Incredible Animals To Observe on an African Safari

If you’re a nature lover hoping to move from the awe of the wildest animals on TV screens to standing a few meters from them in real-time, African safaris are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that could make your wildest dreams come true. Don’t know which wild beast to see when you visit?

These 15 animals bring you their unique charm, strength, and beauty to keep you captivated when next you hop on an African safari.

You’ll identify this pride of the African wilderness with its distinct brownish-yellow color. This is unlike the cinnamon and white-chested mountain lions prowling the woods of the United States.

1. African Lion

One unique feature of the African male lions you should watch for is the thick black and brown manes that protect their necks when in a bout competing for food, territory, or sex. 

A close-knitted matriarchal herd, African elephants are interesting to see, primarily because of their advanced social behaviors that may include high intelligence and empathy similar to that of humans.

2. African Elephant

You should enjoy seeing these gentle giants roam the African wilderness from close by.

The giraffe hit the top spot when you think of elegance mixed with speed and giant strides. Surprisingly fast for its gait, this strong-feet animal will keep you in awe of nature’s brilliance on sight.

3. Giraffe

The fastest land animal capable of reaching a speed of up to 70 miles per hour, this sleek and graceful predator is often seen hunting on the open savannah of Africa.

4. Cheetah

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