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4 Terrible Things Inflation Has Ruined for Women Everywhere

As the world recovers from the damage done by the pandemic, inflation has taken hold, and it looks like it won’t be going away anytime soon. Because of inflation, everyday product and service prices have dramatically increased compared to prices a few years ago, making many things unaffordable.

Posted on an online women’s forum was the question of what inflation has put out of reach for women. The answers show how inflation negatively impacts women’s lives long term.

For women, one of the most significant casualties of this period of inflation is delaying or even forgoing buying a home. 

1. Homeownership

For renters, the increasing cost of monthly rent payments prevents them from saving on a down payment for a house.

Despite working a full-time job and a part-time side gig, a respondent on the thread feels they can’t get ahead financially because they have to use their part-time wages to pay for essential bills and expenses instead of saving.

2. Disposable Income

Several people reply that higher prices force them to change their grocery shopping habits. They no longer splurge on spices, snacks, and expensive cuts of meat and visit the grocery store less often.

3. Grocery Shopping

Waiting to start a family or expand their family because of inflation is a common lament on the thread. 

4. Having a Baby

Between the high costs of childcare and essentials like baby formula, quite a few people in the forum express their concerns about having a baby or growing their family at this time.

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