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4 Things That Are a Massive Waste of Money

Waste money? Couldn’t be me! OK, it could be me. Alright, it has been me. Guilty as charged.

If you have spent your hard-earned cheddar on any of these items, take solace in knowing that others did too. Then, vow never to spend money on them again.

Upgrading your smartphone annually is downright dumb.

1. Running the Smartphone Rat Race

How often will you succumb to the marketing appeal of Apple’s latest advertising campaign, convincing yourself that the upgraded camera lens or newfangled phone design is worth a new $1,000 contract with Verizon?

The nature of fashion is that it’s trendy this Summer, played out by Fall. If you’re buying a bag, top, hoodie, or pair of shoes because they’re timeless and made with pristine quality, that’s one thing.

2. Non-Essential Designer Clothes

No purchase is easier to rationalize than food delivery. I’m tired.

3. DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Other Food Delivery Services

Would you agree to spend $1,000 on a puppy sight unseen? 

4. Splurging On the First Date

Would it make sense to purchase an expensive sports car without knowing what kind of vehicle you were buying? Then why would you take a completely unknown person on a date to a fancy restaurant?

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