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5 Jobs That Are Nowhere Near as Fun as People Imagine

There are tons of jobs and careers. Some seem glamorous, laidback, and even exciting. Some jobs look good from the outside but are tedious, frustrating, or downright stressful.

After polling an online forum, here are some jobs that seem swell, but folks may want to think twice about them.

1. Lifeguard

Real lifeguarding is not Baywatch, with Pamela Anderson jogging in slow-motion. A person points out how, thanks to that show, people believe lifeguards save “lives all the time.”

One employee, who’s a character performer, admits it’s not all sunshine despite some “magical moments.” The work is tiring.

2. Character at Disney

3. Paleontologist

Jurassic Park did a number on an entire generation. A paleontologist emphasizes working on digs with complete skeletal remains of dinosaurs is incredibly rare.

Voice acting seems exciting, especially if you enjoy animated series like Jujutsu Kaisen or The Simpsons. However, they usually receive little compensation though they often have to play several different voices in a series.

4. Voice Acting

Writing is a broad term, but specifically, a writer points out they worked at a “content mill,” churning out articles for blogs. Often the pay is subpar, and they favor quantity over quality.

5. Writing

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