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5 Smart Ways To Save On Vet Bills

Each year, we budget for the expense of an annual checkup for both of our dogs. To balance the bills, some people choose to spread this expense over multiple appointments throughout the year.

We prefer to save up and take care of everything at once, with one large vet bill. Overall, it’s less stressful for the dogs to only go to the vet once per year and get everything out of the way.

5 Smart Ways To Save On Vet Bills

Many people might argue if we put the monthly premium amount into savings, we’d have money to pay vet bills right then and there. And we wouldn’t even need an insurance policy at all (we’d be self-insuring.)

Pet Insurance

You try to save what you can. But inevitably, that money is taken over by competing priorities. As a result, things don’t always work out how you plan them.

Since our dogs have skin allergies and sensitive stomachs, we feed them special high-quality, premium dog food containing fresh ingredients. But, of course, with better quality comes a higher price.

Save On Quality Dog Food

This will save loads of money long-term. Things like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and brushing their teeth will go a long way.

Save On Maintenance And Grooming

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