50 Fun Games to Play With Friends and Family

It can be overwhelming to select fun games to play with friends or family with hundreds to choose from.

Made by gamers, this Ultimate List of Board and Video Games guarantees a fun time, no matter the age group.

If you love games like UNO, you’re going to love this kitty-powered Russian roulette-style game.

1. Exploding Kittens

This retro series looks exactly like the original 1986 game board and brings all the suspense and thrills originally held for fans of the game.

2. Retro Clue

Root is a time-consuming and addicting adventure board game. Seriously, it can take upwards of 90 minutes to play through the game, and it’s worth every minute.

3. Root

Most games take about an hour to play through, and each round includes strategic plays as each player controls their civilizations and spread across the board in pursuit of victory.

4. Catan

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