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6 Best Tips for People Looking To Travel Cheaply Today

With inflation on the rise, saving money for travel is more daunting than just a few years ago. But that doesn’t mean traveling on a budget isn’t possible.

A user on a popular travel forum asks travel buffs for tips on saving money while traveling, and people share their insights.

When you reach your destination, it can be tempting to get around using a ride-share service or taxi to get from place to place. But you can save a ton of money if you travel like the locals, using the available trains, busses, and other public transit options.

1. Use Public Transportation

Chances are, if you go into a local bar or cafe, you can strike up a conversation with someone willing to teach you more about their country, and it will be both more authentic and affordable.

2. Avoid Organized Tours

Accommodations and flights are the most expensive components of most trips, so you’re golden if you can save big in at least one of those categories. One way to do this is to plan your trips around cheap flights rather than choosing a destination and sticking to it.

3. Plan Trips Based on Flight Prices

Anything you can book in advance, do so. While a spontaneous trip is exciting, planning your trip gives you more leeway with your money. Purchase flights, hotels, and some activities in advance to save big rather than waiting until the last minute and being forced to splurge.

4. Book Everything in Advance

Do your research before you take off for your destination. Google “free things to do” in your destination, and many options will pop up. Often, you can find free museum tickets for specific days, which will help you save money on your travels and find exciting things to do at the same time.

5. Research Free Things to Do

Flights are much cheaper when you travel during the off-season. If you can be flexible with your trip’s timing, research and visit your destination of choice when tourists aren’t pouring into the country.

6. Travel During the Off-Season

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