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6 Craziest Things Travelers Ever Heard Passengers Say on an Airplane

Air travel in the social media age has lost the plot. It’s as though someone opened a can of Karen magic dust, sprinkled it everywhere, and waited for the outcome. From shouting at air stewards to telling the passengers how a seat neighbor is “not real,” air travel involves much controversy.

A recent online post shares travelers’ picks for the craziest things they overheard on an airplane.

“I nodded and put my headphones in,” says the weary commenter, “and about one minute later, she grabbed the cord on my headphones and pulled it out of my ear so she could blather on about it.”

1. A Boyfriend’s New Boat

“The kid was telling his dad how much he loved the song “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye,” says the commenter. “When the kid was finally done talking, the dad just looked at him and said, ‘You’re a virgin.'”

2. Settle Down, Son

In a scene from The Beverly Hillbillies, a conversation between a husband and wife stands out in the thread. “Some guy told his partner that she didn’t need more yarn, and every woman in earshot promptly told him how wrong he was.”

3. A Good Yarn

“Two Mormon missionaries trying to convert the sweet, naive man sitting between them the entire flight,” begins the next thread. Some might find this scenario unsettling, though I think Mormons are so nice that it sounds harmless.

4. The Brotherhood

A poster says how a kid, quietly sitting in the next seat, suddenly launched into a terrifying meltdown as the plane started moving, screaming that everyone on the plane would die. “Eventually, and for no noticeable reason, the kid relaxes and starts talking about how cool flying is,” explains the contributor.

5. The Switch

A blood-boiling exchange between an impatient passenger threatened to get violent after a couple’s baby had struggled the entire flight. The commenter recalls the man telling the couple that they were awful parents.

6. Mile-High Hatred

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