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6 Demographic Facts That Most Other Americans Honestly Don’t Understand

A demographic refers to a specific person’s group, such as ethnicity, religion, or political leaning. There has never been a more demographic-dependent time for businesses, and by knowing their audience, marketers put themselves at an advantage.

A recent online discussion reveals the lesser-known truths about particular demographics.

The ’80s was a time of reckless abandon for many people, and most of what we were allowed to do or say in this period would earn a visit from the cancellation Mafia. One Gen-Xer teaches his descendants there is “no surviving documentation” to expose their bad behavior.

1. What Happened in the Eighties, Stays in the Eighties

“Not all brown people that appear Latino speak Spanish,” warns someone perhaps tired of Hispanics conversing in their mother tongue — or people asking them whether they speak Spanish. Either way, stop it, people — ask first!

2. Latino Doesn’t Equal Hispanic

“Please don’t call us Latinx,” a real, Spanish-speaking Latino pleads. “The vast — and I mean vast — majority of Latinos hate it, and it’s impossible to say in Spanish, which shows how out of touch that word is.”

3. Latinos Are Not Latin-X

“Background music makes it harder to hear what people are saying,” writes the commenter. “Hearing aids amplify speech and music at the same time, so they really don’t help.”

4. Consider Your Surroundings With Hard-Of-Hearing Friends

“A lot of people are surprised when they meet my late-fifties, Indian-American parents, and learn that they don’t have an accent and are as American as most of the other people you meet in your life,” states an Indian American observer.

5. Indian Americans Are Still Americans

“I thought we all would have learned this by now, but Democrats and Liberals desperately need to stop assuming that all Latinos automatically vote blue, especially the ones in red states.”

6. Taken for Granted

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