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6 European Cultural Norms That Americans Wish the U.S. Would Adapt

Living in the United States comes with freedoms and opportunities,  making it the envy of many others worldwide. As incredible as this  country is, some privileges that Europeans enjoy aren’t available here.

When an online community was asked to name which European customs they  would like to see come to America, their answers will have you nodding  in agreement.

Numerous community members admire the generous paid time-off policies  offered in European countries. The amount of vacation time, PTO,  maternity, and paternity leave varies by country.

1. Paid Time off From Work

In the U.S., it is customary for cashiers in retail stores to remain  standing throughout their shifts. In Europe, cashiers are allowed to be  seated during their shifts.

2. Chairs for Cashiers

Americans have a long-running love affair with coffee. Still, in many  European countries, cafes that serve coffee are more than just a pit  stop on the way to the office.

3. Cafe Culture

Fanta soda is a significant part of American beverage culture,  especially Fanta Orange. While certain soda flavors are available in the  United States, one soda lover is on an endless quest to find  lemon-flavored Fanta, which they can’t find here but can readily find in  European countries.

4. Lemon Fanta

There are highways in the U.S. with speed limits well over 70 miles per  hour, but that’s nothing compared to the rush some drivers feel when  they can go as fast as they want to and not worry about getting a  speeding ticket.

5. The Autobahn

Americans who have used bidets swear by them, as their usage is regarded  as an essential sanitary practice. Fans of bidets say that once you use  them, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install one in your bathroom  sooner.

6. Bidets

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