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6 Funniest Things People Have Heard an Inexperienced Traveler Say

Without trying to sound patronizing, some people make awful travelers. Whether it is complaining at restaurants or drinking too much in the all-inclusive resort, I despair of certain tourists.

A recent online post exposes some of the funniest things people have heard naive travelers say.

“I’m not paying for a VISA! What are they going to do? Send me back?” quotes the first-holiday gaffe witness. “I have a passport, and that’s all I need!” If you are traveling in new countries, doing the five minutes of research required to know entry regulations is worthwhile.

1. Do You Know Who I Am?

An Alaskan resident jokes about his mom visiting from Florida and joining him on a mountain hike. “I said, ‘Take my bear spray,’ and she replied, ‘Does that stuff really work?'” explains the poster.

2. Bear de Parfum

Someone in the thread recalls a moment as a kid when her mom asked a friend she bumped into at the grocery store about her trip to Hawaii. “My mom asked her what airline she was flying on; she replied that she wasn’t flying,” explains the writer.

3. Driving to Hawaii

An Austrian contributor reveals a funny gaffe they heard on a train in Italy after a young lady boarded their carriage. As the train arrived, the youngster was talking on her phone to a friend, who had asked where she was.

4. I’m in Exit

Germans find it amusing when tourists marvel that there are so many streets named Einbahnstrasse German cities. “Once encountered two very lost American tourists in Cologne trying to find their car,” recalls one commenter.

5. Going One Way

An Irish friend visited a couple in Toronto after they met while in Egypt. However, the Irishman’s time and distance calculations were slightly off when he proclaimed he would be fly-fishing in British Columbia the next day.

6. Canada Is Large

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