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6 Life-Threatening US Theme Parks That Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Theme parks bring out the kids in us all, from the delicious cotton candy to the thrilling rollercoaster rides. But sometimes a seemingly innocent ride can turn into a nightmare. From roller coasters with too much G-force for riders to stomach to water slides that have gone wrong and resulted in injuries or even death, some theme parks can be downright dangerous.

From New Jersey to California, here are the 6 most life-threatening theme parks in the US.

Six accidents happened at this New York amusement park, including the ejection of passengers from rides and various seat belt issues. A little girl also choked on gum and passed away while riding the dragon roller coaster.

1. Rye Playland

Many news outlets deem Action Park the most dangerous amusement park in the U.S. A documentary entitled Class Action Park arose following the accounts of deadly incidents and accidents at the New Jersey park.

2. Action Park

Recently, a 14-year-old boy fell to his demise on a drop tower at ICON Park. According to reports, the crew member manually adjusted the harness to fit the boy’s dimensions. However, the worker overestimated the harness measurements, and the boy slipped out.

3. Icon Park

Two incidents come to mind when thinking of Knott’s Berry Farm. The first being when a 12-year-old boy rode the Xcelerator, a loop coaster reaching 205 feet. A cable broke, trapped the boy, and shot debris at the rest of the riders. 

4. Knotts Berry Farm

If you’ve been to Vegas, you know to avoid Circus Circus. The Adventuredome is the designated theme park inside the hotel. Guests claim to experience head trauma, sickness, and long-term health effects after riding the attractions at the Adventuredome.

5. Adventuredome

This ride straps in a few passengers and sends them soaring over a canyon at 50 mph. According to records, no accidents have occurred yet. Still, professionals say this ride operates too fast to remain in the clear.

6. Giant Canyon Swing

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