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6 Most Controversial Travel Views That Go Against the Grain

Travel rules are not written in stone—some of what people used to consider absolute no-nos have changed over the years. Acceptable biases have evolved as people worldwide have become more open to travel to many different parts of the globe.

Users on a widely known Internet forum gave examples of travel beliefs that go against the grain. Do you agree?

Someone finally came out and said the hot and humid weather was not  good. They stated that people believe that hot weather is superior  because so many people who live in cold climates want some relief from  the snow and idolize the heat because they don’t have to live in humid  climates long term.

It’s Not a Dry Heat

There’s a flip side to every statement. A resident of Alaska had to  counter the last argument because Alaskans live in the cold for most of  the year. While a climate like the one in Alaska gives people  spectacular scenery, people who live there hate the cold after many  years of dealing with it.

Au Contraire

A former resident of Athens cautioned that trying to take such American  customs like tipping abroad can cause problems. He also mentioned that  the local customs like haggling are there for a reason, and not  participating can have terrible consequences once you leave.

Consider the Consequences

For some reason, Brussels is not considered a favored travel  destination. A forum member proudly declared their love of the city of  Brussels and explained why. They said the beer was terrific.

It’s a City, Not Actual Brussels Sprouts

For some reason, using Instagram to research your next vacation went out  of fashion, and travelers reacted badly to the idea. It is unknown why  the idea of checking out travel Instagrams with great photos became  unfashionable.

Do Your Research

The term tourist trap is used too often, according to posters, and used for the wrong  reasons. Only some things that are popular tourist destinations are  tourist traps. Historical sites known for their beauty and history do  not fall under this definition.

Tourist Trap

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