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6 Most Controversial Travel Views That Go Against the Grain

Travel rules are not written in stone—some of what people used to consider absolute no-nos have changed over the years. Acceptable biases have evolved as people worldwide have become more open to travel to many different parts of the globe.

Users on a widely known Internet forum gave examples of travel beliefs that go against the grain. Do you agree?

For some reason, using Instagram to research your next vacation went out of fashion, and travelers reacted badly to the idea. It is unknown why the idea of checking out travel Instagrams with great photos became unfashionable.

1. Do Your Research

The term tourist trap is used too often, according to posters, and used for the wrong reasons. Only some things that are popular tourist destinations are tourist traps.

2. Tourist Trap

Another controversial travel belief is that the cities of Paris and Milan are great. Too many people look down on these great cities, and we are still determining why they do. Maybe it is their popularity?

3. We’ll Always Have Paris

Sometimes people must realize that history isn’t the only thing to recommend a city or country. What needs to be remembered in the adoration of history is newer achievements.

4. History Isn’t Everything

An exciting recommendation that travel mavens would look down upon was getting on one of those hop-on/hop-off tour buses. After you arrive and if you are jet lagged, drop off your luggage in the room and take a bus to relax and see the city.

5. Jet Lag

Generally, the wisdom about combatting jet lag is to stay awake as long as possible and that falling asleep soon after arriving is not a good idea.

6. Sleep It Off

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