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6 of the Craziest Things to Ever Happen in Florida

Florida has some bizarre and unique moments you might not find in other parts of the world. As Craig Pittman said, “You find weird stuff going on anywhere you find people, but Florida is absolutely the gold standard.”

In this episode of crazy, people on an online community share some of the stories they have heard or witnessed in Florida. Let’s make your day by sharing some of them.

The wedding was so unique that the division manager of the business said it was the first Waffle House wedding he had heard of in Florida. Somehow, the fact that it happened in Florida makes it alright.

1. A Waffle House Wedding

The FBI raided a residence that belonged to a former president. The reason? They were searching for some stolen classified documents. About a dozen boxes were seized from the raid.

2. The FBI Raid

A contributor shares a sad incident in Disney World seven years ago; an alligator snatched a child in front of his family. There was no provocation; the child only bent down close to the lagoon to get some sand, and that was when the unfortunate accident happened.

3. The Alligator Incident

There are loads of neighbors harming neighbors stories in Florida. We’re serious. It’s almost like the people in Florida have a knack for these crimes. One person shares a documentary he was watching about some guy in Florida.

4. The Worst Neighbor

The Sheriff at St. Johns County seemed to be in the mix with a murder that was initially ruled as the person taking their own life. The victim’s family refused to believe that their daughter had full responsibility for her death, and so they tore the case apart piece by piece until the truth was forced out.

5. Cover Up For A Deputy

Yes, we mean exactly what you read: drug sharks. Scientists say that sharks might be feeding off substances dumped on the Florida coast by smugglers trying to get their product into the U.S.

6. Drug Sharks

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