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6 of the Most Fascinating Airplane Seat Mates – Have You Experienced Any of These?

Seat choice on an airplane can be 50-50 when traveling alone; it can go very badly or incredibly well, depending on your seating neighbor.

A recent online post shares people’s most fascinating seating partners on a flight.

One contributor recalls a trip his father took where he sat next to a Navy SEAL on a flight. The combatant shared incredible stories during the journey, including “being dropped into Grenada during the fiasco in the ’80s.”

1. Combat Fatigue? No, Just Marriage

A Tolkien fan reading her Lord of The Rings trilogy shared a flight with a solo traveler: a ten-year-old girl who remarked on how much she loved the commenter’s bookmark. The girl revealed her edition of The Hobbit before the Tolkienistas enjoyed a rare flight together.

2. Two Hobbits on a Plane

The following story involves a Swedish traveler who enjoyed trips to Chicago as a child “to visit her father’s family.” After getting her novel out for the flight, a young boy beside his father asked what she was reading.

3. A Chance Encounter

An Irish American citizen speaks of one flight where he was lucky enough to be upgraded to business class and sat next to a lady with a “pleasant housewife vibe.” After chatting, he discovered she was a Harvard-educated doctor who had volunteered and raised funds to save a Chinese orphan’s eyesight.

4. A Walking Angel

Once seated, he discovered she feared flying and offered the nervous woman his hand during takeoff. “She never let go through all of our little small talk about everything and nothing during our six-hour flight,” says the gentleman.

5. Hand in Hand

A Torontonian lady who had booked a 25th birthday weekend in Vegas found herself beside a gentle elderly man. “He was one of the friendliest humans I ever met. We started chatting,” she recalls.

6. Oh, Canada

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