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6 of the Weirdest Rules Disney Employees Have To Abide By

In the U.S., California and Florida  host Disneyland and Disney World, an expansion of Walt Disney’s  masterful creation where thousands flock to respective Disney properties  for job opportunities, a college program, and an opportunity to take on  an iconic role as a character actor.

While the dream role interests many,  cast members have countless rules to abide by on each shift. Here are six rules that cast members must never break.

A former employee shares a strange rule followed at the parks. “The  weirdest thing for me was that if something goes wrong, you aren’t  allowed to say what is wrong – but have to keep it in theme. Obviously,  it makes sense.

1. You Can’t Say What Is Wrong or I Don’t Know

This rule has been updated to allow  clean-shaven, even facial trims, but before 2000, Disney cast members  were prohibited from growing out facial hair, although Walt Disney  donned a mustache.

2. Facial Hair

Some cultures take offense to  one-finger-pointing, so Disney members tend to use a two-finger system,  although one worker mentions the rule books don’t say you need to use  two fingers, just not one. This means a cast member can wave with their  entire hand, two fingers, three, or four.

3. Pointing

If you’re lucky enough that Disney  hires you as a cast member, you cannot post about your profession on  social media. One person shares their son’s past with working at the  theme park.

4. No Social Media

What would you do if you saw a  discarded Dole whip cup on the ground of Adventureland? Pick it up and  toss it in the garbage, right? Sure, if you’re a visitor, but if you  work for the mouse, you must swoop and scoop.

5. Trash Collection

Character actors must stay in  character at all times. When lining up to ride The Haunted Mansion, the  character actors meet you with glum faces and unbreakable straight  faces. .

6. Stay in Character

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