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6 of the Worst Mistakes People Have Made While Traveling

It’s said that the best memories are made on the roads, but a dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fall into some common travel pitfalls.

An online community of adventurers shares the worst mistakes they’ve made while on the move, and we find some of them absolutely jaw-dropping.

Narrating their experience, one forum member reminisced on a time they’d booked a train from Venice at the Trenitalia site, only to discover after hours of waiting they’d booked a bus instead.

1. Booked a Bus While Waiting for a Train

“The night before our first trip to Barcelona, he noticed his passport had expired. Hotels were nonrefundable at that point, so I waved goodbye and did the trip solo.”

2. Expired Passport on the Eve of Travel

An individual on the thread recounts: “On a very drunken night out in Thailand, I gave my wallet to a lovely couple we had spent the day with on a trip to keep safe as I had no pockets in my shorts. I woke up the next day, and the doom hit me.”

3. Left Wallet With Strangers

How people make such mistakes can be unbelievable, but a thread participant tags think it’s their dumbest travel mistake. “I went to the wrong airport in Berlin and missed my flight.”

4. Went to the Wrong Airport

A forum member says they showed up for their flight 24 hours before departure and had “to go home and repeat the whole process the next day.” Another individual says they experienced the same pitfall, “except that we showed up 24 hours later.”

5. Showed Up For a Flight Earlier Than Scheduled

One travel enthusiast says their worst mistake was booking “a month-long Airbnb for the wrong month.” Someone else narrates how they bought a plane ticket for the wrong day, advising others to double-check the details before paying for anything.

6. Booked Airbnb for the Wrong Month

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