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6 Passion Projects Men Would Do as a Job if Money Was No Object

When the money hits the bank account, then you  can pursue that passion project you’ve been putting off. At least, that  is the sentiment that many hold. There is something to it, too—with the  endless demands to make money and tend to personal responsibilities,  who has time for passion?

So we conducted a thought experiment. If you were a dude who had all the money in the world, what passion project would you finally tackle?

There are some jobs, like cop and customer support specialist, where virtually every interaction involves complaining, screaming, or worse.

Becoming a Florist on Wheels

Teaching English is a go-to gig for  Americans in countries all over the world, but it won’t make you rich.  Once you’re already rich, then teaching English in some distant paradise  seems a lot more feasible.

Starting an English Academy in a Foreign Paradise

Somebody wants to make a few  high-quality, thought-provoking indie films to slip in between the 70  Marvel movies dropping each year. Quick, get this guy some money!

Make Low-Budget, High-Quality Movies

In an industry known for sapping pet  owners of their very last penny, it would be a breath of fresh air to  have a darn-near pro bono animal shelter-veterinarian service willing to  throw the people a bone.

Opening an Animal Shelter

One woodworking hobbyist plans to  spend his retirement years in the woodshop. The goal is to cover the  cost of replacement blades and Shop-Vacs and a little extra spending  money if the wooden creations are popular enough.

A Life of Wood

Rather than marketing travel plans to  Instagram influencers and high-net-worth individuals whose vacations  look like an episode of White Lotus or Succession, one man of the people dreams of creating a travel agency by the people, for the people.

Average Joe Travel Agency

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