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6 Pettiest Things People Have Ever Done When Leaving a Crummy Job

Have you ever had a crummy job? What was it like slamming the door behind you with a sigh of “never again?” Leaving a crummy job can come with mixed feelings, but some people take their exit to a new level of jaw-dropping pettiness.

These ex-employees on an internet forum didn’t hold back on the pettiest things they did when leaving their crummy jobs.

Although this employee is said to have left on good terms, a co-worker describes how he printed tiny pics of Ainsley Harriot (An English Chef and a Television Presenter) of about 3 x 2 cm, sticking them around loads of places in the organization.

This Is How I Want You To Remember Me

After being made redundant by a company that sold their job to a new firm, the new company moved to another city. This user couldn’t believe they’ll have to move for a 15k job, so they decided to empty the supply store of just about anything in sight.

The Office Supplies Go With Me

One user who was declared surplus to requirement in a video rental concession in 1988 shares how they got replaced by a vending machine and were asked to spend three days showing customers how to use it.

If I Don’t Make Money, You Don’t Make Zilch

They were surprised the management they had helped to profit grew terse when they said they were leaving, so they formatted the hard drive and peeled off the Windows license before literally throwing the middle finger on their way out of the door.

Have Fun With an Empty Drive

Fed up with their 9-5, someone describes the utter ruthlessness with which they drove the company’s car till it ran out of fuel and then “got it towed to a lay-by on the A14” before sending the keys and fuel card back to the office with the note, “Come pick your car on the highway. I’m so done!”

Your Vehicle Is on a Trunk Road

One user gave their ex-bosses personal number and email address to anyone who cared to cold call them for just about anything. They also told the recruiter that their boss was exploring whatever they were selling and that their timing was impeccable.

All the Emails and Calls to My Ex-Boss’s Desk

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