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6 Biggest Reasons Why Immigrants Chose To Call America Their New Home

The volume of immigrants to the United States has been on a steady increase over the past few decades, and for good reason. America is a land of opportunity with immense potential—immigrants worldwide have come here in search of a better life.

An online discussion among immigrants revealed some reasons why they chose to start a new life in America and here are the most common ones.

As one of the world’s leaders of democracy, it’s no surprise that many immigrants cite freedom of speech as a big reason to move to America. Even though it’s something Americans take for granted, free speech is a number-one priority for many others living abroad.

Freedom of Speech

According to the National Parks Foundation, there are 424 national parks found in the United States, collectively spanning over 84 million acres. This is more than enough reason for nature lovers to move to the United States, as protected natural parks are one of the true highlights of American culture.

National Parks

Although a few cities have notoriously high air pollution levels (I’m looking at you, Los Angeles), the United States maintains a very high air quality standard overall. Many people confess wanting to leave their home countries due to borderline-unbreathable air in heavily-populated countries like India.

Lack of Air Pollution

You won the lottery if you’re a foodie living in the United States. The U.S. – thanks to its diverse population – boasts some of the tastiest cuisines in the world.

Variety of Food Choices

“I like making money,” confesses one man. “There is no limit to how much money you can make in America. I like it here. Taxes are relatively low, too.”

The Ability To Amass Wealth

Unlike many third-world countries, the United States is in no danger of dissolving, becoming economically bankrupt, or likely its government to be overthrown. This type of security isn’t found in other nations, and it’s high on immigrants’ lists of reasons to want to live in America.

Overall National Stability

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