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5 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done To Save Money

We’ve all done silly things to save money.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for little ways to cut costs and put more money back in your pocket.

While most of our savings tips are designed to help you save big money, it’s important to acknowledge that little savings can also make a big difference.

5 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done To Save Money

Growing up in a rural area meant that we had to take care of our own garbage, and we handled that by using the “dump” or the local waste management center.

Give My Garbage To Others

I’m sure all of you have done this at some point in your life, especially in college. Events happen all the time.

Attend Events for the Food

Don’t get me wrong, U-pick fruit is a great option to get a ton of fruit for a low price. But why pay when I can get a bunch of fruit for free?

Pick and Freeze Fruit

Do you eat at buffets? While it’s not the best option for your health (especially if you do it all the time), you can get great value for your dollar.

Go for a Lunch Buffet and Stay for Dinner

Okay, this one is a little extreme, and I promise that I DO NOT normally skip showering or other personal hygiene items at home to save a little money. However, I do know of people who do.

Shower at the Gym

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