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6 Strangest Things and Practices Mistakenly Identified as “Authentically American” in Foreign Countries

Through the years, the United States has become a cultural melting pot of sorts as people from all over the world have come to call it their home. As such, many weird yet wonderful things have been labeled as “authentically American” in foreign countries.

With this, a person opened an online thread asking people to share some things they’ve encountered that people from other countries perceive as truly American.

Isn’t it crazy that a food franchise can lie to an entire country? Marketers are not above exploiting the American culture to make sales. A responder shares that they always get a kick out of how Japanese think Americans eat fried chicken for Christmas.

KFC for Christmas

Another traveler narrates how a restaurant served them a chunk of cold raw beef while they were in Belgium. They’d creamed the meat a bit, but that did not improve it.

American Steak

Somebody claims they bought a California hotdog at Brighton Pier in the U.K., which had corn and lettuce. They’ve lived in California their entire lives, and the closest they’ve come to corn on a hotdog is the cornbread batter of a corn dog.

California Hot Dog

A commenter explains that Australian bacon is like a slice of ham. While on a month-long work trip outside Sydney, they picked up a pack of American bacon at a Woolworths.

American Bacon

A traveler mentions that they tried a Mexican place in Singapore. They ordered a tortilla and got a giant spring roll wrapper. Everything else on the menu was indescribable.

Mexican Food

Can we define how far is too far with pizza toppings? A final user states they’ve seen many food outlets in other countries selling American pizza with corn. They’ve never seen corn on pizza in the U.S., yet many people think it’s American.

Corn on Pizza

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