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6 Things Men Are Willing To Spend Extra Money on for Better Quality

In a fast-paced world with plenty of products on offer by marketplaces, superior quality, durability, and functionality have become unnegotiable features when we go shopping. Men, in particular, are known for their willingness to spend extra bucks on high-quality items that enhance lifestyle and reflect a thoughtful personality.

A popular online forum asks men what things they would happily splash the cash and these are their interesting picks.

He feels men should spend money on innerwear made of top materials that last long and suit the body with a good feel. One man says they would only wear undies in the winter and opt for flannel-insulated jeans in the summer instead because they are “so soft.”


This is a cheeky response to what men should spend extra cash on, but many other users agree it’s pinpoint accurate. One cereal connoisseur says a blend of grape nut and yogurt is worth a kill, especially when adding a nice filling crunch.

Grape Nuts

What’s a man without his toys? Video games are worth the extra cash, one explains. He adds that they make up for the most quality of alone time.

Video Games

A commenter argues that the older the wine, the tastier and pricier it is, and the quality of wine a man drinks says a lot about his personality. One supporting contributor reminisces on a $60 Portuguese rose that was something special and would be worth the extra dollar spree any time.


Funny as it may sound, many upvotes trail this choice of what quality thing men should unbuckle their wallets for. In the words of one man, “Good food is cheap medicine,” his father would say.

Good Food

Someone explains that cheap boots come with regrets, especially when you wear them for long hours. Another adds that when buying boots, spend extra on boots that prioritize functionality and comfort over looks.


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