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Top 6 Things Men Will Never Buy Even With All the Money in the World

What is something you would never never never buy even if you had all the money in this world? I’ll go first—expensive high heel shoes. Why would anyone pay that much to destroy their feet? I don’t get it.

Anyways, after someone asked the men of Reddit what they would never purchase, here are the top-voted responses.

Many men noted buying celestial property as “scammy” and something they would never spend their money on in a bazillion years, for example, buying property on the moon or having a star named for someone.

Celestial Property

Several Redditors admitted that they would never buy a timeshare despite being a massive bazillionaire. One clarified that you should purchase property instead.

A Timeshare

Coming in it at number eight on this Reddit list is NFTs. Despite their explosive popularity, many men in this thread said they would never “invest” in NFTs. Someone explained that the profit in NFTs is in making them, not buying them.”


They elaborated that one guy owned a vehicle worth $800k, and its number plate cost $9M! “My mind is blown to think of what $9M could buy, and this guy spends it on a piece of plastic! Pocket change to him, but still, wow.”

A Personalized Number Plate

Several men confessed they wouldn’t buy excessive homes when they could get a few different homes in multiple locations, noting it’s “wasteful.” One suggested that any home with more than one extra bedroom and bathroom is excessive.

Enormous Houses

The idea of paying $300 for jeans that do the same thing as a $30 pair was absurd and unreasonable to many. Others admitted that work boots are the only thing they pay extra for, and it’s worth it.

Designer Clothing

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