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6 Things That Are a Massive Waste of Money

Waste money? Couldn’t be me! OK, it could be me. Alright, it has been me. Guilty as charged. While everyone could rationalize just about any purchase, those who take cold, hard stock of their online banking activity or Amazon purchase history will know waste when they see it.

If you have spent your hard-earned cheddar on any of these items, take solace in knowing that others did too. Then, vow never to spend money on them again.

Men deserve to splurge on a professional beard trim once in a blue moon. However, anyone spending even an extra $10 or $20 having a barber trim their beard is fiscally reckless.

Barbershop Beard Trims

Fireworks are literally fire, don’t get me wrong. They’re awesome. But sparklers, bottle rockets, and Roman candles are rare purchases that will perish in front of your eyes.


Hot take: The ship has sailed on college. Starting off your career already $100,000 (or more) in the hole? That doesn’t make much sense.


You’re spending real, finite money in a digital world to gain an advantage in competitions that will grant you no real-world status? And please spare me the “I get joy from beating up on digital opponents” schpiel.

Mobile Games

The Corvette, Gucci bag, or mansion will never sit right with you if you purchase them to impress others. Vanity is expensive and ultimately hollow. That’s deep.

Purchases for the Sake of Impressing Others

Buying insurance for a flat-screen television, saw, or even a phone is often a bad deal. Even when you need the warranty, you’ll usually pay a deductible (best case) or find that fine print prevents you from collecting on your warranty purchase.


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