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6 Things That Have Been Completely Ruined by Rich People

There are plenty of reasons to hate rich people, but one of the most common reasons is that they have ruined many things everyone once loved. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal everything wealthy people have ruined for the rest of us regular folk.

Things That Have Been Completely Ruined by Rich People

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, American home prices are astronomical right now. While various factors are at play here, most people point the finger squarely at the upper class.

1. Housing Prices

One man recalls when his beloved neighborhood park, frequently full of life and energy, was turned into a soulless, gated, residents-only area due to “the rich people in town” constantly complaining about the noise. Wow, sometimes life isn’t fair.

2. Unique Parks and Neighborhoods

Many sports team owners have priced out the common fan who would love to root for their home team in person to offset the cost of their state-of-the-art arenas and stadiums. “For a fun day out with you and a friend at an NFL game will run you around 500 bucks,” explains one sports fan.

3. Professional Sporting Events

There’s a reason why many middle-class families scrimp and save all year just for a few days at a Disney resort: It’s too expensive. 

4. Theme Parks

As someone who collected baseball cards as a kid, it pains me that commodity-focused professional collectors have ruined what was a hobby for all kids growing up. “In the past few years, the price of little collectibles and things of that sort have gone insanely high,” laments one man.

5. Collecting Anything

Anyone who’s been to Woodstock knows the festival was secondary to the music. Now, thanks to corporate-sponsored music festivals designed to extract as much money as possible out of teenagers and so-called “influencers,” it’s not about the music anymore.

6. Music Festivals

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