Flight Path

6 Ordinary Travel Experiences That Seem Boring But Will Actually Excite You

Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the countryside or a short trip to your favorite city, it’s the little everyday experiences that truly make it worthwhile.

Whenever I go on a journey, a checklist is something I always have with me. From packing my bags to booking flights and hotels, I make sure to plan for every possible situation before heading to the airport and boarding a plane.

Stores in different countries offer different items for purchase. You find different items in each country’s convenience stores, and you will be surprised by some of the findings.

Convenience Stores in Different Countries

When you arrive in a new place, your mind floods with thoughts of your itinerary, dinner plans, and confused directions. Still, after a few days in one place, you get a sense of things and know how to navigate from your lodging.

Learning the Area

Another globe trotter expresses seeing all the outfits and accessories they’ll bring on a trip gives them a rush of adrenaline. They also say narrowing down and picking clothes to bring makes them feel like they’re in a YouTube video.


“I like pulling foreign currency out of the ATM, especially if it’s a currency I haven’t used before,” one person says.

Getting Foreign Currency

If you live in the United States, you know our public transportation (minus a few big cities) could be better. But other countries, especially Europe and Asia, rely on public transport. Nothing beats arriving in a country with trains, tubes, and buses after traveling solely by car.

Public Transit

In many countries, bargaining is popular among store owners and markets. Someone shares that their favorite part of traveling is bargaining in stores and markets because it makes them feel like a local and offers a splendid experience.


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