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6 Solid Travel Tips and Hacks That Most People Intentionally Skip

There‘s nothing more exciting than planning a trip and getting ready to take off on an adventure. In just a click, dozens of tips and tricks are right at our fingertips to make our travels more enjoyable, affordable, and stress–free.

But most people disregard them, thinking they won’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Here are 6 common travel tips that most people choose to ignore.

No, it’s not always worth trying to find “secret spots no tourist has ever been to before.” The idea may seem intriguing, but it is also dangerous.

Secret Exploring

There is a reason they are famous among tourists. Often, they have the best locations and provide the best comfort. “I’m not against a fun local place, but, sometimes, the well-placed Marriott just makes sense,” someone writes.

Avoid Chain Hotels

In Egypt, an excursionist saw “tons of tourists happily get on painfully thin camels and horses and be led around the pyramids in the blazing heat all day.” Tourists may leave their better judgment aside with animal tourism, and folks find it hypocritical and mean.

Animal Tourism

Some travelers love the daring nature of this advice, but most find it silly. Walking around aimlessly might provide some great experiences, but they can also offer some terrible ones when unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Spend the Afternoon Exploring the Neighborhood

In terms of saving money during your travels, food costs are usually one of the easiest places to cut back. The “Go to Greece but just eat €8 street gyros every day” type of advice may be helpful for some, but most travelers think that eating good, varied local foods is a huge part of their travel experience.

Skimp on Food Costs

Many commenters share stories of unexpected detours and “lame tours” that they considered more often than the actual destination, the “tourist traps,” would have been. Plus, what’s life without adventures?

No Lame Tours

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