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6 Unique Traveler Rituals for Every New Country Experience

Are there travel rituals you can relate to? While every country calls for something different, travel rituals help us go with the flow no matter where we land. There are countless opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture!

Here are a couple of unique travel rituals for every new country experience.

Countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Norway have flags imprinted on a bracelet that citizens wear proudly to signify their love and patriotism for the nation. Whenever a traveler visits, they are encouraged to purchase these bracelets to appreciate the country.

1. Buying a Bracelet

There’s nothing more joyous than trying local cuisines on your trip. Depending on the countryside, most travelers visit different food spots to learn more about the food. 

2. Finding the Best Food Spots

Riding public transport is a familiar travel ritual, especially for countries with great transport systems. For instance, if you’re used to traveling on the New York Subway, European trains ought to give a diverse experience.

3. Riding on Public Transport

Whether it’s the Sevu Sevu ceremony in Fiji, the Aboriginal “welcome ceremony” in Australia, or the Maasai cultural ceremonies in Kenya, travelers find local traditions enjoyable. Many online users agree that attending ceremonies is a familiar travel ritual that helps you connect with the people.

4. Attending Local Ceremonies

This authentic experience will help you make the most of your destination. Visiting new markets is a travel ritual that allows travelers to soak the atmosphere, interact with the locals, make purchases to bring back home, and provide endless photo opportunities.

5. Visiting the Markets

Pub crawls have become a familiar traveling ritual for those who want fun and excitement about their trip. This bar-hopping experience will bring you together with travelers and locals alike! It entails drinking, partying, and whirling away time.

6. Pub Crawls

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