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8 Smart Money Moves to Make in 2023

Financial literacy is one of the most useful things you can implement, making it a great journey for the new year. Unfortunately, many people start too ambitiously and never finish their new year plans (sound familiar?). If you want to be better off financially by 2023, keep reading to find 8 unique and reasonable tips to help you achieve your money goals and make smart money moves.

8 Smart Money Moves to Make in 2023

These piles of owed money can seem tough to tackle, but it is possible! If you have lots of debt, start by tackling the smallest one you have, even if it’s $50 on a credit card.

1. Manage Your Debt

You may have to cut some unnecessary spending, but it’ll be worth it to have a goose egg as your total debt number. In the meantime, try not to enter into any more debt, either; you’ll have those payments gone in no time.

Do you find yourself buying a $5 coffee from Starbucks three times a week? That adds up to almost $800 a year. Are you prone to monthly shopping sprees?

2. Eliminate Bad Spending Habits

You may very well be spending over $1,000 on clothes every 12 months. Are you buying new, never used textbooks every semester? Do you impulsively shop when stressed or otherwise? If you answered yes to any of the above, you likely have room to improve your spending habits.

The average American spends anywhere from $51 to $75 a month on cable television or more. If you’re one of those people, you could easily save up to $900 a year by cutting out that bill.

3. Cut or Find a Cheaper Alternative to Cable

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