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8 Ways to Save Money and Get in Shape

There are lots of ways we can improve our financial and physical health simultaneously. Here are some of my top suggestions on how to save and cut back on the calories!

8 Ways to Save Money and Get in Shape

Popular sports drinks, like Gatorade or Vitamin Water, contain high amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Even when they are marketed to appear as a healthy option, one bottle can often contain almost 40 grams!

Drink More Water

Save money and shed some pounds by switching to good old H2O. Investing in a good water filter for home use and a reusable bottle for when you’re on the go will prove beneficial for your wallet and health.

Junk food is basically sugar in a box, provides zero nutritional value, and is a drain on your wallet. Stop buying it, you’ll be saving money and adding years to your life, period.

Stop Buying Junk Food

Coffee itself is naturally low in calories, and the caffeine can help boost your metabolism. The problem is what else is in it.

Brew Your Own Coffee

Look up how many calories are in a grande double mocha chocha latte(that’s a thing right?) with an extra pump of flavor. I bet it’s a lot, and it probably cost you a few extra bucks too.

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