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9 Exciting Hikes in Kamloops With Gorgeous Views

Kamloops is known for some pretty spectacular hiking trails. If you are visiting, these nine Kamloops hikes are a great way to see the city from different viewpoints.

9 Exciting Hikes in Kamloops With Gorgeous Views

This 4.8-kilometer hike is the most difficult trail on this list but rewards you with the most spectacular views at the top.

Battle Bluff Kamloops – Our Favourite Kamloops Hike!

The Tower Trail is an easy 3.4-kilometre hike that is perfect for families and can be accomplished by young children.

The Tower Trail at Kenna Cartwright Park

This 2.8-kilometre Kamloops hiking trail takes roughly 45 mins and offers views of Kamloops to the north, south and east.

Panorama Loop

One of the most popular is the trail to Bridal Veil Falls, which for the most part, is an easy 30-40 minute hike, but the last part can get quite rugged and rocky.

Bridal Veil Falls in Peterson Creek

The trail entrance is located next to Valleyview Arena, and you will need to follow the Sagebrush trail that connects to the Rim Loop.

The Rim Loop at Valleyview Nature Park

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