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9 Money Lessons From My 90-Year-old Grandma

While I’ll be giving you some background to my grandma’s life and adding a blurb about her lessons in each section, the majority of this article was written by my grandma herself. So, sit back and enjoy these 9 money lessons from my 90-year-old grandma. We hope her story and these lessons inspire you and you’re able to take something away for your own life.

9 Money Lessons from my 90-Year-Old Grandma, in Her Own Words

Running all over the place like wild animals. We supplemented our diet with gooseberries and a Pawpaw tree, not having much else to eat. We also were given milk by the farmer on whose land we were squatting.

Lesson 1

Nature Makes the Best Playground

Kids today spend more time inside than they do outside, and parents work hard to buy expensive gadgets to entertain them. My grandma’s first lesson is that nature is the best, and cheapest, playground.

The Lesson

We didn’t have any toys, so we made our own. I remember my brother Dick carving statues of heroes, while I drew paper dolls and other things. I was learning to sew at the time, plus learning embroidery and to cook.

Lesson 2

Anything Can Be a Toy, and Any Toy Should Teach

Building off lesson 1, lesson 2 is about encouraging creativity, family bonding, and learning. Being a poor family, they didn’t have money for toys, so they made their own.

The Lesson

My dad tried his best to provide for all of us. Music wasn’t the best occupation in those days as it wasn’t a high priority on people's list... But we survived.

Lesson 3

Have a “Never Give Up” Attitude

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