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9 Money Lessons From My 90-Year-old Grandpa

My grandparents have been a huge part of my life and continue to be. In fact, I learned a lot about money from them.  So, on my grandpa’s 90th birthday, I thought I’d ask him to share some of his money knowledge with the world. Here are nine money lessons from my 90-year-old grandpa.

9 Money Lessons from my 90-Year-Old Grandpa

Despite the incredible progress he made throughout his life, he acknowledges that there were always people who had more. Especially as he got older and was more exposed to the world outside his family and hometown, it was hard not to notice a discrepancy between his life and that of others.

Strive for Better, Not Best

Some might have been envious and focused on how unfair life is. Not my grandpa. In fact, he used this discrepancy as motivation. He realized that he could live a better life, and he set out to do it.

My grandpa came from the bottom and worked his way into a comfortable middle-class life. How? Through hard work. Most people tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents because they model the same habits and behaviors.

Hard Work Will Pay Off

Not my grandpa. He saw that others lived a better life and realized that the only way he could attain something similar was to work hard, something his father refused to do.

Several years ago, my grandpa gave me a plaque that still sits in my dining room. The plaque contains a quote from President Calvin Coolidge and reads:

Persistence Is One of the Most Important Traits for Success

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