A D-Day Tour of Normandy with Kids: Juno  Beach Centre

Juno Beach is in France.  It is one of five beaches that were active during World War 2 and part of the Normandy landings.

If you are planning a trip to visit Juno Beach and take in the D-Day tour, driving is likely your best option. That way, whether you have your own car or a rental, you can get around easily.

Our boys loved trying to win “poppy points” from interactive games tied to the permanent exhibits.

It encourages critical thinking from kids of all ages and allows them to “experience” history of WWII rather than just read about it.

Juno Beach

We spent about twenty minutes walking Juno Beach on our D-Day Tour of Normandy after our tour of the bunkers.

The park is open to anyone wishing to take in the history or pay their respects and visit the area.

Juno Park

If you take children to places where they can touch, feel and experience history rather than just reading it in textbook, they are far more likely to be engaged.

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