Detailed Guide to Visiting Lake Louise in Winter

Lake Louise, Alberta is undoubtedly Canada’s most famous lake. It is the jewel of Banff National Park’s many awe-inspiring lakes.

Visit Lake Louise in winter and you’ll experience a snowy wonderland, with dramatic, glacier-bearing peaks surrounding a jaw-droppingly pretty natural ice skating rink.

Which Month to Visit Lake Louise in Winter

Typically, winter at Lake Louise lasts from November through to May. Each month of winter comes with ups and downs.

Spending Christmas at Lake Louise

There aren’t a whole lot of Christmas activities at Lake Louise. You can expect some Christmas lights and decorations at Fairmont Chateau Lake.

Things to Do at Lake Louise in Winter

5 out of 5

Walking and Hiking Most visitors to Lake Louise simply take a stroll along the lakeside trail to admire the stunning views.

Ice Skating on Lake Louise

If you do one winter activity at Lake Louise, make it ice skating on the lake.

The International Ice Carving Festival

At this time, a variety of gorgeous ice sculptures are constructed beside the lake, including ice castles that can enter.

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