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How to Make Your Host Invite You Back After Your Stay

Being a Good Guest

Everybody wants to be the perfect houseguest, but unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. There are countless unspoken rules to follow in this regard.

Recently, men and women with extensive experience hosting houseguests met in an online discussion to reveal how guests can ensure they’ll be welcomed back for a future visit!

Nothing annoys a host more than a loud, inconsiderate guest. The perfect houseguest exists quietly, not infringing on others’ personal spaces.

Keep the Noise Level Down

It’s always a good idea to offer to cook your host a meal, but the key word here is “offer.” As one recent houseguest explains, don’t assume they want you to start rummaging through their kitchen to make a meal on a whim.

Offer to Cook a Meal

Conversely, don’t expect your host to prepare meals for you throughout your stay. While many hosts do this, it shouldn’t be expected!

Don’t Expect Meals to be Cooked For You

For goodness sake, don’t be a slob! This is an excellent rule for life in general, in addition to being an ideal houseguest. Clean up, practice personal hygiene, and make your bed each morning.

Don’t Be Messy

As with most relationships, communication is vital. The more you communicate with your host (without being overbearing), the more likely you’ll be welcomed back. “Do communicate if something is interrupting your sleep if it’s something that can be controlled,” advises one woman.


Doing small chores around the house, like cleaning, dusting, or doing the dishes, can send the wrong message to your host. “Don’t ever come to someone’s house and start doing chores,” reveals one woman.

Don’t Do Chores

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