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Beloved Desserts from all 50 United States

Born out of European influences, traveling immigrants, Great Depression ingenuity, and farm-fresh crops, here’s favorite desserts from every state to inspire your next confection.

Alabama designated Lane Cake as an official state dessert in 2016, but it has been a symbol of Southern culture and identity for much longer.

1. Alabama’s Lane Cake

In 1867, Ranhofer served this classic dessert to celebrate America’s purchase of Alaska from the Russians at his iconic Wall Street restaurant.

2. Alaska’s Baked Alaska

Sometimes referred to as the Navajo taco, fried Sopaipillas can be savory or sweet.  Invented in the southern part of the state by indigenous Navajo people, this fried dough treat is served today with sugar, cinnamon, and honey.

3. Arizona’s Sopaipillas

The possum pie’s delicious chocolate layer hides under lots of whipped cream. This popular chocolate cream pie can be found all over the state.

4. Arkansas’ Possum Pie

While California doesn’t have an official state dessert, as the largest US producer of avocados, its Avocado based dishes have become the de facto state treat. Mix up one with half an avocado, your favorite yogurt or pudding, granola, and choice of fruit.

5. California’s Avocado Parfait

Colorado is known for its Palisade peaches, planted by settlers in the 1880s in the Grand Valley.

6. Colorado’s Palisade Peach Cobbler

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