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Best Cheap 21st Birthday Ideas

Plenty-a-good times can be had while partaking in the traditional 21st birthday activity of drinking while still staying financially responsible.

Best Cheap 21st Birthday Ideas

First up on the frugal 21st birthday ideas list is a cooking class. Learn how to make your favorite dish or something you have always wanted to make.

Cooking Class

Now that you are legally allowed to drink, find out what kinds of wine you like or don’t with a wine tasting.

Wine Tasting

Maybe wine isn’t your thing. No worries, there are plenty of breweries and distilleries out there that will let you sample their creations as well. Find one near you!


Creating a new drink isn’t as easy as pouring some random alcohol and mixers together. There is a science to it.

Mixology Class

Do you want to learn the cool bartending moves you see in movies and person? Then, take a bartending class and impress all your friends at the next party.

Bartending Class

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