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Bypass the Crowds and Explore These 6 Lesser-Known Travel Treasures

Who’s in the mood to go on an adventure? Better yet, who’s in the mood to travel somewhere off the beaten path?

Of course, there’s nothing more enjoyable than enjoying a hidden gem travel destination, and recently, world travelers met in an online discussion to reveal their favorites.

Alaska isn’t the most accessible place in the United States, but countless people admit it’s worth the long travel days! “I visited Alaska and stayed in a small town three hours from Anchorage, and I had the time of my life,” reports one traveler.

Seward, Alaska

This city in Colombia boasts some of the best natural scenery in the entire world. Palomino has everything an adventurer can ask for – mountains, beaches, jungles, and rivers that will all take your breath away.

Palomino, Colombia

“I will never forget the tortellini al brodo, tagliatelle al ragù, and panna cotta I ate there. I also loved walking up to the Madonna di San Luca and seeing the fantastic view from the top.” Great views and even better food? Count me in.

Bologna, Italy

In recent years, many of Mexico’s beach destinations have been overrun by two groups: Partiers and social media influencers. Luckily, according to many travelers, La Paz’s natural beauty and impeccable local cuisine have been spared the untimely fate that befell places like Cancun, Cabo, and Tulum.

La Paz, Mexico

My favorite hidden gem destination, Santa Flavia, is a tiny fishing village on the north coast of Sicily and has everything a traveler could want. From majestic cliffs to dive off to beachside cafes serving cheap cocktails to some of the best Italian food on Earth, it’s shocking more tourists don’t know about Santa Flavia!

Santa Flavia, Italy

“There is easy access to biking, whitewater rafting, bridge jumping, canyoning, zip lining, amazing waterfalls, and viewpoints. And there’s even pretty good nightlife. Ecuador’s currency is the U.S. dollar, and everything is extremely cheap.”

Baños, Ecuador

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