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Can You Really Earn Passive Income with Godaddy Domain Parking?

I have a confession to make.

In the last six months or so, I’ve become a domain junkie. It started out pretty harmless. I’d think of a cute name, go online, and see if anyone already had that domain.

Why Sign Up With Godaddy Domain Parking?

So why would I decide to sign up for Domain Cash Parking with GoDaddy — Well, it was more of a “Why not?”

As most stories often start, I was wasting time surfing the internet and hoping to stumble across the holy grail that would catapult my online money making opportunities. So many randomly-random people have found success on the internet; surely there was room for one more.

And as I browsed GoDaddy’s domain auctions, looking for anything that was ending soon and had a fair amount of traffic (with a low purchase price) — a link caught my eye.

Cash. Parking. Now, what in the world could that be?

Okay, so whenever you purchase a domain name (through GoDaddy or any other domain registrar), it will be initially parked somewhere while it waits for you to do something with it.

What’s the Difference Between Godaddy’s Regular Domain Parking and Cashparking?

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