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Cheap Food To Keep Your Pantry and Wallet Full

We tend to talk about wants and needs on financial blogs such as this. Food certainly falls into the needs category. It can be hard to keep our grocery bills down and our stomachs full.

There is plenty to choose from that is still healthy when it comes to cheap food. Below are over 50 examples of cheap food that will keep you full and your wallet!


It’s cheap, easy to cook, and goes with just about anything. In addition, Brown rice specifically is a good source of carbs, protein, and vitamin B6.

Like rice, beans are another part of recipes from around the globe due to their price, ease of cooking, and ability to go with any dish.



Cook up some penne, spaghetti, linguine, or whatever your favorite kind is in just a few minutes. Pasta makes a great side or main dish.

Add some flavor to your pasta with some tomato sauce. There are plenty of excellent options available that won’t break your budget at the grocery store.

Tomato Sauce

Although not a good meal on its own, you can use it as a filler for some meals or even replace bread, tortillas, or just your plate in general for other meals.



ike lettuce, cabbage is cheap food, though. Packed with protein, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K, cabbage is a cheap food worth adding to your meals.

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