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What You Need To Know About the Chemicals in Your Home To Save Money, Your Health, and the Environment

Even the “safe” cleaners you use every day contain chemicals, and while there may be no way to completely eliminate them, there are things you can do to minimize their impact.

The information and tips I’m about to present to you come courtesy of my dad, who worked as a sanitation expert for 26 years, first for Diversey Lever and then with a local company based in Seattle.

The following information represents his advice on what you need to know about the chemicals in your home to save money, your health, and the environment.

Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize

In the sanitation business, they have a mantra: wash, rinse, sanitize.

The reason is you can only sanitize a surface if it’s been cleaned. Bacteria need water and a food source to thrive, so if the surface isn’t cleaned, then bacteria may live despite sanitizing.

However, if you choose to sanitize, make sure you thoroughly clean the surface first. For cleaning, a good soap is typically sufficient.

The only way to “get rid” of chemicals is to dilute them with water.

Dilution, Dilution, Dilution

This is why it’s so important to limit our use of chemicals whenever we can to prevent build-up and allow for dilution, especially when it comes to the environment.

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