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Saying No to Roaches in Rental Cars Story


Arriving at your travel destination only to discover a crawling critter in your rental car can turn your exciting adventure into a horror movie real quick. Few things are more uncomfortable and unsettling than sharing your space with roaches, but they’re still an unwelcome surprise.

When an Internet user asked whether this situation is avoidable, others proved that the possibility of avoiding a roach-infested rental car isn’t as bleak as it sounds.

“We rented a car in Hawaii, and it was clean and bug-free,” begins the first contrary response. “That does not happen to everyone. Maybe read the reviews of the car agency you plan to use before renting.”

Do Some Research

But Research Is Futile!

“This appears to have happened with multiple agencies and islands, so the hack, unfortunately, isn’t ‘just don’t rent from agency X on Maui and you’re golden,'” warns the original poster.

Do the Sticky Strap Test

“Put a sticky trap or open soda can in the back seat, wait a few minutes, and if it attracts a bunch of them, go back to the counter and ask for another car,” recommends the opening thread. 

This is absolutely something that happens in Hawaii; we rented a car in Kona and drove it for a day,” explains a former visitor. After dinner that night, we walked out of the restaurant.

Case in Point

Just Like Bed Bugs

Another commenter makes a comparison with a common tourist issue: bed bugs. “You eventually learn that every hotel has bed bugs,” says a wizened traveler.

Rent a Motorcycle Instead

A simple solution to this problem is not to rent a car; this way, you alleviate the bugs issue. When I went to Hawaii, I rented a motorcycle,” states the next observer.