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6 Theories So Believable They Might Be True?

Craziest Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories can be fun or downright scary. These claims have stood the test of time, constantly returning after brief dormancy. Regardless, even people who are not fans of conspiracy theories believe these are the exception.

From body doubles to famous ships, here are some conspiracy theories folks believe are true.

When it comes to maneuvers by big companies to stop competition, it’s easy to believe. Apple does ensure most of their accessories must be other Apple products.

Apple Petty

It’s Not Just Cushy Beds

Another conspiracy I believe is about Mattress Firm. A poster said they “aren’t only holding mattresses.” Someone points out how there are far too many Mattress Firms around.

Throwback Thursday Facial Recognition

AI is terrifying because the people running it are scary. This one feels believable because the government does plenty of shady, unscrupulous things to its citizens.

This one I heard briefly years ago, and a believer in this conspiracy breaks down how the Titanic did not sink. It was the Olympic, both owned by White Star Line.

The Titanic Switcheroo

Avril Lavigne Body Double

A poster said their belief that Avril Lavigne died two decades ago and a body double took her place changes daily. This is another conspiracy that has stuck around despite others asserting that the scheme’s originator admitted to lying to show how easily conspiracies spread.

Food Pyramid Fakery

Someone asserts that the food industry funded the FDA to make this pyramid to encourage people to purchase their foods regularly.