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6 Facts on Demographics That Many Americans Just Don’t Get


A demographic represents a portion of the population, often classified by factors like age, gender, income, or race. Interestingly, many Americans don’t understand a number of basic facts about demographics, or at the very least, misunderstand their implications.

An online forum revealed some of these vital facts about particular demographics many Americans just don’t get.

Generalizations about how a particular group should act are incredibly short-sighted, dangerous, and inflammatory. One gentleman agrees with this sentiment: “People’s behavior is determined by upbringing and their environment.”

Nature or Nurture

One Jewish contributor wants readers to understand an important distinction. “Jewish is an ethnicity much more than it is a religion,” begins the thread leader. Another Kentucky-based Jewish observer finds truth in the statement.

Know the Difference

“Environmentalists shouldn’t be unwilling to work with hunters,” says a Southerner. “In fact, they could be fantastic allies, and our natural world could be better preserved if they worked together.”

Let’s Join Forces

“When you meet us, you don’t have to list all the ‘wrongs’ that were done against our ancestors — we know. We use cell phones, go to movies, eat pizza, do all the things most Americans do.”

First Nation Honesty

Many Americans seem to think that in order to communicate with Black individuals, they need to adjust their speech or adopt certain slang. The truth is simple, highlighted by one respondent, saying “As a generality, just speak to us like we’re people.”

No Need for Slang

The ’80s was a time of reckless abandon for many people, and most of what we were allowed to do or say in this period would earn a visit from the cancellation Mafia.

What Happened in the Eighties, Stays in the Eighties

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